Secret code. Video # L016 (Two-part video)

Secret code. Video # L016 (Two-part video)
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Two-part video.

The Secret code is what agent Brittany is after. She must enter the house and retrieve the code but another agent named Ashley is guarding the house. Suddenly both agents meet outside in an epic battle. Brittany dressed in a down jacket, leather leggings and tall boots. Ashley wearing leather jacket, leather leggings and boots. Both agents highly trained in martial arts plus weapon tactic and it shows when they clash in the battle trying to destroy each other with multiple KO’s in addition to all the other damage these two agents unleash on each other, kicking, both painful areas including sensitive parts of their opponent’s bodies. Both fighters look amazing in their hot outfits. The fight goes back and forth between the two opponents until one of the opponents gets pounded with number of devastating punches and finally drops unconscious. The looser is devastated and laying completely limped on the floor. Is the mission complete? You’ll going to have watch it to the end.
Great action, excellent fight choreography and outstanding performance by both ladies.

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