I want your Jacket. Video # L015

I want your Jacket. Video # L015
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Another great catfight with two sexy women and exciting fighting action. Both women
dressed in leather jackets, leggings and over the knee leather boots. The fight started over the jacket and quickly escalated into an all-out brawl with some intense down-and-dirty destruction on the wet grass.

Kicking, twisting, ripping, punching in back and forth combat action between two determined combatants. Great nonstop action where both opponents ripping to pieces each other until one of the opponents gets KO’d but not before the loser’s boots get taken away from her and her nice leather jacket gets ripped into pieces leaving her unconscious and all destroyed on the ground.

Don’t miss this unique fight with multiple KO’s, struggle and outfit destruction.

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Secret code. Video # L016 (Two-part video)

Secret code. Video # L016 (Two-part video)

$ 15
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Clip time - 00:17:43

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