I think she is a Psycho. Video # L014

I think she is a Psycho. Video # L014
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Two female friends are getting into an argument over a guy, over a guy from 3 years ago?
Well I guess it’s ok as long as you get to see both leather clad ladies knocking each other into unconsciousness. Great fight choreography, acting and fight with plenty of chokes, wrestling, kicking, punching and knockouts.
Both women wearing leather jacket, leather leggings and tall boots.

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  1. This was a good video, with lots of talking bad about your rival along with a great fight and both showed strengths and weaknesses, this is the kind I want to see more of in the future where they can go physically toe to toe.

    I saw the other ones from L#031 onwards and those you can clearly see aren’t more physical atleast not to the level before so I hope these types come back.

    I also hope these actresses will come back at some stage because they are just better with each other than the new ones.

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